Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's hard out here for...non-paranormals

Veddy, veddy interesting...a post from Nathan Bransford on supernatural overload.

I have lots of love for everyone out there who's writing fantasy and paranormal. Kudos, because world-building looks incredibly hard and I don't know that I'd ever have the...what's that word for when you have a hard time getting totally outside the box? do it.

I never read fantasy or paranormal anything growing up. Even now, (please don't hate me) it's not my preferred genre of fiction and I certainly don't want to write it. But ever since joining the bloggy community, it seems like most of the coolest and nicest author and hopeful-author bloggers out there do fantasy/paranormal and I've been wondering if there is some giant bandwagon I've completely missed.

But what I took away from Nathan's article, mainly, is that old maxim that everything's been done before and the trick is to take the freshest spin possible on an old story you love. Which, y'know, makes me feel better for ganking plotpoints from Jane Eyre, Rebecca, Northanger Abbey and Absalom, Absalom! and others.

It's perfect that today's Writer's Almanac had this quote from playwright George Abbott: "I was not a successful playwright until I took parasitical advantage of other people's ideas."

He wrote Damn Yankees, was nicknamed "Mr. Broadway" and died a few weeks short of his 108th brithday. The guy totally knew what he was talking about.


Lenore said...

I have been noticing that the vast majority of the books that attract me lately have something paranormal of sci-fi about them. I never used to read that much fantasy. Hmmmm. Heading over to the post you linked now.

Liana Brooks said...

I used to read everything fantasy. And I think I overdosed on it. Now I stay to comic fantasy and sci-fi.

Bevie said...

I like fantasy. Always have. Not keen on paranormal stuff, though. Not since I was a teenager. For me, it's more about the culture.

Anonymous said...

nice blog!

I clicked on it from Nathan Bransford's 1st paragraph competition a while back (Dec 08). I know, I'm late. But I wanted to shout out and tell you I really enjoyed your entry :)

~ Ruth

Anonymous said...

I definitely feel like I missed some massive train. Not to mention, it's become harder and harder to find CPs that aren't all about sci-fi. :-/

rebecca said...

On the recommendation of a professor I took on the challenge of writing a novel on sci-fi/paranormal. Totally out of my element and level of comfort. Getting the beginning of a story on paper proved difficult, continuing proved difficult, CREATING scenes and things that have not been done before was difficult and, let's not forget the language. To write in this type of genre is a totally different language altogether. Well, six months in and I'm writing the book, having gone through the wall and getting the feel and the vibe of all things sci-fi/supernatural and the professor is more than pleased. Me? Not something I would have ever undertaken on my own. Yet, he saw something that I had not seen and it is why he urged me to go that route. Today, I am thankful because I'm creating a piece of fiction that I never thought I would.