Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Return of the Novel Update

I've finally started writing on my next book. (You forgot this is actually a writer's blog? Yeah, me too.) It's a dark, atmospheric literary mystery set in the post-WWI deep South. Guess what kicked me in the butt and made me finally get started writing...

Agent Kristin has been posting lately about manuscripts and plots that agents/editors have been looking for or have recently acquired. The following three, on her list posted today, made me bite my knuckles in anguish:

-"A literary novel that is atmospheric and interior"
-"A literary YA with a Southern setting from an adult author who is lauded for her literary adult fiction." (Erm...ignore the 'adult author lauded for literary adult fiction' part)
-"A historical YA with a supernatural twist"

That's my story! will be when I finish it. Which may not happen until 2023. Interesting fact: my writing pace is nearly identical to the minimum speed of a large glacier prior to global warming.

This is partly because I can't turn off my internal editor and must analyze each sentence after it's written. It's partly because I'm the laziest writer that ever lived. But it's mostly because I've been scared to actually start writing a story that is perfect in my head, when I know it will be inadequate and flawed once the words hit the page. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I'm still doing period research (wish I could just say heck to historical accuracy) but I couldn't wait any longer to write about Quil, my 18-year-old MC. Now I have the tiniest scene. It's just a little bite out of the middle of the book. But it's enough to resurrect the Novel Update! Woot woot.

Novel Update, Initial edition
Word count: 172 (no I'm not joking)
Number of ghosts: 1 and counting
Number of naked people: 1
Number of years I've looked up on Wikipedia: 3 (1917, 1918, 1919)
Number of famous people to be met: 1
Number of character names I made up that accidently sound like something else: 2 (A sister and brother: Mavis and Dixon. Sounds like Mason and Dixon. Whoops. Completely accidental. Did I mention I live in the South?)
Number of people who still don't have a last name: 4

Incidentally, I found the most bizarre thing while wikipedia-ing 1917:

Is that not the creepiest? You're looking at the Cottingley Fairies. Apparently a 16-year-old girl and 10-year-old girl pulled some fancy developing work and fooled people into thinking they'd photographed themselves with actual fairies. It's like PhotoshopDisasters, 93 years ago. Ah, adults back then. So easily duped by kids and their newfangled technology.

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jdcoughlin said...

DId you see the move Fairy Tale: A True Story. It's a very cute movie, how we believe what we want to believe, a pleasant lie.

Best of luck on your book. I just read somewhere that you can't publish your first until you've written your second. So you're on your way

PS Great site