Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wife's Deranged Sister has a name: it's Mavis

Random unconnected snippets from my notebook as I work out the plot of my next novel:

Mavis dies in fire? Maybe she's on fire. And has syphilis.

...And there's always this possibility: the dead wife!

Is it a literary cop-out if he didn't love the maid?

Quil and Dixon should be in constant conflict.

...smacks of the kind of evil his forefathers perpetrated on slave women.

There should be a creepy yard man.

This won't work. She can't die in 1918 flu epidemic b/c kids wouldn't be old enough.

But how can Quil want to be an actress w/ out there being the dream v. love conflict @ end, vying w/ tolerance v. upbringing conflict, + dream v. love can't be solved w/out a deus ex machina. OR CAN IT??

Southern white trash should have misspelled "French" sounding names.

House burns! Or is this too done?

But something bad is going to happen in the end.

And there you have it, folks. Kind of makes you want to rush out and preorder it, right? ...OK maybe not.

The other plus is that last night I finished naming all my characters. So, y'know, I don't have to keep referring to them as the following:
Ghost of Maid
Crazy Wife
Wife's Deranged Sister
Mr. X
Autistic Kid
Quil's Drunk Dad
Dead Mother
Creepy Wild Daughter

I just realized...lots of crazy and/or deranged characters in this thing. But really. How many is too many when we're talking about crazy people?



...she's burning with in, of Syphilis!

Well, any way it sounds like the law of attraction; like begets like.

Keep it coming.

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Too many sane people makes for a boring story. Crazy is interesting.

lotusgirl said...

I love the ref names! Crazy, creepy, deranged, wild, ...ghost. Sounds interesting.