Monday, June 08, 2009

The winner! Plus, vampire stats you never knew

Congratulations to elaing8, winner of a copy of SOME GIRLS BITE by Chloe Neill! I assigned each entrant a number and then sent the numbers through's generator to get the winner.

I have to say, elaing8's vamp name was way up on my list of favorites for the week. The actual name, Agnes Black, is fairly tame. But then you get to the description: "Known in some parts of the world as Bitch of The Beltane Feasts."

No idea what a Beltane Feast is, but that sounds awesome. The "Great Archives Record" does give us a clue that elaing8's reputation is "One of ritual and pleasure - presiding over the gluttonous feasts of the wickedest night of the year."

The vampire names, courtesy of the Vampire Name Generator, were highly entertaining. Click here to read through them in the comments. Some people got really normal--even pretty--names. And then there were the crazies.

So here are some awards! I'm sorry, you don't actually win anything, other than notoriety.

Most Baffling goes to WindyA
Name: Tsarina of All Russa
I had no idea the empress of Russia was a vampire. Or that she's also known as "Lioness of the Gibbet Crossroads." Anybody have a clue what a Gibbet is? I didn't, but Wikipedia does! It's a wooden post where "the bodies of criminals were hung in chains or irons after execution." Gibbet Crossroads = not a nice place to visit. To add to the abject terror, WindyA's description is, as she pointed out, really intense: "Shudder! Shudder! Fear what you cannot know!" Run for the hills!

Weirdest Name goes to Becky aka StinkyLemsky
Name: Iolanthe Vigée-Lebrun
I'm not even going to begin to try figuring out what nationality vampire that is, much less how to pronounce it. Apparently she's also known in some parts of the world as "Leto of the Nosferat." Nosferat makes me giggle too, Becky.

Most Majestic goes to Crimogenic
Name: Maharaja of The Ghastly
That's just awesome. "Known in some parts of the world as: Scourge of The Cursed." Oh yeah, Crimo kicks some serious booty. Maharaja of The Ghastly sounds like the name of a villain in a made-for-SciFi-Channel movie.

Most Awkward Name goes to Lauren of Shooting Stars Mag
Name: Enid Drown
I'd love to use "Enid Drown" as a novel character. She sounds like a bookish serial killer. But according to Vampire Name Generator, Lauren/Enid is "known in some parts of the world as Scourge of The Howling Wolves." The Great Archives Record says she's "Hot of blood and running wild with the hungry wolves." If she's the scourge of the howling wolves, why is she running wild with them? Furthermore - and I could be wrong, since my main source of info here is Stephenie Meyer - don't vampires and werewolves hate each other?

Name That Made Me Laugh Out Loud goes to Writtenwyrdd
Name: Lana Fey, Succubus of Blood
I'm sorry, the word "succubus" is just funny. I looked it up, and it's a demon (attractive or ugly, depending on your mythology) that seduces men. Apparently Writtenwyrdd, ahem, Lana, is "thirsty, unstoppable and vicious." Gwen is Written's sister succubus *giggling here, can't help it* as "Cressidea Oleander, Succubus of the Ghast."

And a special nod goes to all of the Sewer Dwellers:
donnas as "Guinevere Beau Pre, Lodemai of The Underworld," who is "of the world below, creeping amongst the catacombs and sewers of the city."
donnas' sewer sister, Kate, "Rosalind Beau Pre, Lodemai of Sewer Rats," who "sinks low and is prosperous. Breeding many times out!"
And Kiersten, "Rani of the Far East, Cerridwen of Sewer Rats." I wonder which is higher rank: Lodemai or Cerridwen? Just curious.

And there you have it. I hope I'm not the only one who learned something today. Show of hands who's going to use Gibbet Crossroads as a location in their next book? Maybe Enid Drown, secretly a Succubus, hangs her victims there? In homage to the Maharaja of the Ghastly? Before the bodies are cut down and spirited away underground by Rani and the Beau Pre sisters, who feed them to their rat kingdoms?? And then...OK, OK, I'll stop.


Liana Brooks said...

Beltane is a Wiccan/pagan feast day at the autumnal equinox (I think that's the right time of year).

Becky aka StinkyLemsky said...

Too funny! I giggled AGAIN today re-reading my vampire name. :)

elaing8 said...

Thanks so much.

I liked reading everyones vampire names. Some had really interesting ones me

Crimogenic said...

"Maharaja of The Ghastly sounds like the name of a villain in a made-for-SciFi-Channel movie."

hahah, don't tempt me to start writing made for Scfi Channel movies scripts. It won't be pretty.

writtenwyrdd said...

Beltane is May Day, which is traditionally a celebration of fertility...rather odd for a vampire, I'd think!

I loved the odd names that came up on that name generator. Mine being "Lana Fay", which was rather bland, coupled with succubus, which was rather racy, made a nice sort of non-sequtir.

Congrats to the winner!