Tuesday, July 07, 2009

When mullet-hunting was our official pastime

It's crazy what you can still find on the internet these days. I'd like to direct you to an 8-year-old Web site that my friends constructed back in high school. It's a rudimentary urban dictionary of made-up slang (and the origin of each slang term) spoken by my high school social circle. It's called, appropriately, The Triflin Dictionary. (I said it was 8 years old...)

(BTW, I can't believe the site is still online; apparently nothing ever gets erased from the internet. Alice Hoffman, take note).

What is interesting to me now is to see a concrete list of slang terms, most of which we invented, complete with examples of how we used them and explanations of how they came to be.

Now that I'm old, I have a nerdly interest in word origins and felt a certain glee reading back through the site with an anthropologic eye. It was like rediscovering a journal I didn't remember writing.

It could be a good tool for a YA author wanting to get a better handle on the finer points of youth speak. Granted, eight years is like 1,000,000 in teen years, and The Triflin Dictionary reflects uber-specific speech patterns of an artsy-indie-nerdy crowd of 17-18-year-olds in north Alabama in 2001 (how's that for specific?), but I'd still consider it good research, if only to examine how words were created (the same way I suspect they are now: mostly from funny group experiences).

So check it out. A warning: I have no idea how comprehensible this site is to the average person, but...well, I found it interesting!

P.S. If you've got good eyes, you'll see me in the following photos from The Triflin Dictionary:
-Crud Wars II, in the middle back, holding up my hand like "Girl, please."
-The back of my head as my friend Britney tries to extract a drum stick from my hair (don't ask)
-the photo above. I'm on the far left. The arrow clearly does not point to me.
-on the couch, getting landed on by a friend wearing a sequined show choir vest
-as Miss Sweden in the "Miss Universe" group
-and, oh, a few more.


Marty said...

This is a great post - a fascinating dive into your literary past.

Christopher Goodwine said...
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Christopher Goodwine said...

"Eight years is like 1,000,000 in teen years" <-- So true! Even at 25, I feel like an old man. I had a bit of an awakening when I volunteered to mentor teen workers at the local science museum and realized how out of touch I was with today's adolescents. I guess growing up will do that to a guy; I'm still going to resist it though!

Tess said...

Hello *looking around* thanks for stopping by my blog. Very fun look over here :)

I just wrote a southern murder mystery and I see you are southern and like mysteries. cool stuff. Do you write southern stuff as well?

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Interesting! Wait until 8 years turns into 20.