Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have your cake and bury it, too

Now is as good a time as any to tell you about my fourth anniversary.

JB and I were married four years ago in July. Our anniversary happened to be on a weekday, so instead of doing the fancy restaurant dinner thing (we finally got around to that a few weeks later), I made lasagna, put it on our best china, and we toasted with an inexpensive bottle of champagne we'd brought back from France.

Then it was time. Time to do something we'd forgotten to do on our first anniversary, and then kept avoiding on our second and third anniversaries.

Time to get the top of our wedding cake out of the freezer.

Yes. It had been sitting in our freezer for four years.

Our caterer, who also made our cake, was a resourceful lady who, back in the olden days of 2005, wrapped the top in about 100 layers of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. After we let the cake thaw a bit, it took us a while to peel back the layers.

When we finally got it open, it looked...

...well, it actually looked pretty good for 4-year-old cake. It was minus the sugar-flower cake topper (that is on a shelf in our study...don't ask) but the sugar pearls and our wedding monogram looked good. The only real signs of aging were a few waves and lumps in the fondant:

But the real question: how did it taste? Duh, you know we had to find out. And I made sure the momentous occasion was photographed in case one of us died later:

...actually it didn't taste too bad for a 4-year-old cake. Just kind of cold and a bit stale. But considering we didn't to eat much of it at our actual reception, it was a moderately pleasant experience.

It was a while later, after we joked and took a few more pictures, that I finally made a confession: I couldn't bear to just dump it in the trash. I loved how beautiful the cake looked on our wedding day, and in a way it's one of our last tangible reminders of our wedding. Well, other than the hundreds of photos, a large album of mementos including our program and invitation, plus a quilt JB's aunt is making for us from swatches of fabric signed by our guests... but still. I couldn't throw it away. And JB admitted he didn't like the idea of it going in the trash can, either.

So maybe it was the champagne or our recent enthusiasm for gardening with compost, but we hit on an idea: bury it!

People get buried...why not cakes? Plus it will eventually biodegrade and return to the earth from whence it came and all that. Much, much more pleasant thought than it moldering in a nasty landfill.

Anyway, JB got the shovel, I got the cake, and we processed into the back yard. I wanted to plant it near some stepping stones so we'd always know where it was, but JB insisted that it is a very real possibility a magnificent tree (a cake tree?) will grow from the spot where it's buried, so we should put it further out in the yard so said tree will have room to flourish. He may be a scifi-loving engineer, but he's got a romantic side, too.

JB won out, and we picked a spot near our veggie garden. He dug the hole:

And I held the cake:

(BTW, we really dressed up for our lasagna-on-china anniversary dinner, didn't we? JB's plaid pajama pants and my ancient-tshirt-and-sofee-shorts combo are pretty much our after-work uniforms.)

We then said a few words about our wedding, and the cake, and, was silly and mushy and sweet. Then we placed the cake in the ground...

and covered it back up.

A cake tree has not sprouted yet. I'm thinking next spring, maybe.


Kelly H-Y said...

What a riot ... LOVE that idea! :-)

Jennifer Shirk said...

May it rest in peace. LOL!

Loved the idea, too! :)

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Novel idea, indeed!

Cynthia Kay said...

We still have wedding mints in the freezer after 33 years so kudos on composting your cake!

quixotic said...

Happy Anniversary! Great Idea, burying the cake. LoL.

Anna Claire said...

Cynthia: 33-year-old mints? That is awesome! Maybe you should take them out for your Golden 50th...

writtenwyrdd said...

What a fun anniversary!

PurpleClover said...

This is hilarious. Now all the worms and itsy bitsy spiders can be blissful as well!

And your garden will be super sweet! haha.

Christy Raedeke said...

RIP beautiful cake! Love that idea. But mostly I love that you pulled out the fine china and ate in shorts and pajamas. You're my kind of people!

Cerrissa said...

This just made me smile really big and def made my day :D your cake was beautiful and delicious and i love that you buried it rather than eating all of it(might have been a major stomach ache, but i probably would have tried to do it anyways ;)) happy anniversary!!!

Marisa said...

this is hilarious. totally something i would force my husband to do for me. :D