Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The I Don't Get It List

A list of things that many people think are awesome but which I do not get:

-decaf coffee


-old peoples' preference for enormous cars


-fake nails


-harem pants

-Jim Carrey

-the Honda Element

-infant potty training

-denim shorts on males over age 11

-Kate Moss


Jennifer Shirk said...

I agree with everything--except baseball. Go Red Sox! LOL!

Dominique said...

What's not to get about faeries? Admittedly, I don't think about them much, but when I do, I sort of figured they're like the French. They don't live where I live or like I live, but that's okay, because they're meant to be different and I'm not meant to understand.

Anna Claire said...

Dominique, that cracks me up about the French. It's SO true. I like them but will never, ever understand them.

quixotic said...

I don't get Infant Potty training either.

Cerrissa said...

its a new fad- "jorts" (or cutoff jean shorts) on guys.

i don't get it either unless u are stuck somewhere really hot with only a pair of jeans that must be altered into shorts so you wont die of heat stroke. i had to beg jamie to take his off after wearing them for a week straight. i don't really understand most male fashion trends in general though...

Liana Brooks said...

Capers have their place. They can be tasty.

And IPT? Sounds like holding the kid over the toilet when they make funny faces. Yes, it can be done. But they invented the diaper for a reason!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad you didn't include UFOs on your list!!!

Tracy Edward Wymer said...

you lost me at baseball.

Anna Claire said...

I know, I know, baseball fans. I don't mean to malign baseball. I don't hate it; I just don't *get* it. But I understand your dedication - I feel the same about my beloved college football. You can just pity me and hope I will one day see the light :)

Rileigh said...

I see your point on most things, however fairies and Jim Carrey are things close to my heart. But seriously folks put a diaper on your newborn. If your freaked out about the environment use a washable.

Thanks for saying Hi!

Corina said...

I would agree with most of them, except decaf coffee and fairies. Sometimes people (like me) like the taste of coffee but cannot have caffeine in their diet because of a health problem (anxiety issues). Also, fairies are just a wonderful idea, because, think about it, what if they *were* real :)
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