Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm FEAR. (...which is the usual cause of metaphorical paralysis.) I tried writing on my WIP this morning and achieved about three sentences. That is sad, folks. I'm in love with my idea, in love with my characters, and thoroughly convinced I'm going to screw it all up by actually writing it. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

It's a stupid attitude to have. At least writing a crap novel is some kind of achievement. No novel at all is achievement at all.

So I wrote a new mantra on my hand. Writing on your hand is high school-ish but I still do it when I NEED to remember something.

My blackberry camera is not so good with fluorescent light, so you probably can't read it, but it says JWTDT.

Just Write the Damn Thing.

I'm not one for cursing (to the point that it was a game in high school for my friends to try to get me to say bad words) but this is cursing for a cause. Or, 'cussin'' as we said growing up. Cussin' for a cause.

Enough blogging. Time to go write the damn thing.


writtenwyrdd said...

Fear of writing what you have in mind is something we all have, I think. But we do need to JWTDT...Because that perfect vision isn't real, we can't ever really achieve it.

Stacy Post said...

Hi Anna! My advice? Turn off your internal editor and write. The first draft is for you and nobody else. Here's an acronym that I keep in mind: BICHOK
Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard. Writing on your hand may feel like high school, but do what works, right? Keep your chin up!

lotusgirl said...

It happens to all of us I think. I'm finding it hard to do too, but it's true that if you let the inner nay-sayer stop you then nothing will get done.

Natalia Maldonado said...

Oh I've definitely been there! Everything sounds so great in our minds and there's a fear we won't be able to translate it well.

I had a teacher once tell me (it's kinda gross but it worked): "Vomit on the page, clean up later."

No one ever writes a perfect first draft, so unless we write that imperfect first draft we won't have anything to work from to make it better.

And I really like Stacy's idea: BICHOK. I'll have to use that!

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

I am so with you on this. I have been struggling with my current novel - not because I can't figure out what to write, but because I'm afraid to 'be a writer.' You're post is exactly what I needed today. I'm going to shamelessly take your acronym and post it on my computer. I am going to make one change for myself - I'm going with JWTFT. You can figure out for yourself what the 'F' stands for. ;-)

nighteyes18jp said...

This is exactly how I've felt for a very long time. In fact it's what led me to start my own blog about writing. lol I figured that way I would feel FORCED to write something often. Keep your head up and keep writing!