Monday, August 24, 2009

One way to carry a pen at all times

I'm late jumping onto the Mad Men bandwagon, but I've jumped nonetheless. Dearest Netflix makes it possible to catch up on the AMC period drama (I'm on Season 1 now).

In addition to intriguing characters and twisty plots, the show gives a fascinating (and horrifying) look at the sexism rampant in the mainstream culture of the early 1960s. It's a topic that interests me; my undergrad thesis back in college was on pre-Second Wave feminism in mid-20th century children's literature.

But I'll be honest here: one of the biggest draws of the show, for me, is the clothes. They are gorgeous.

Joan Holloway, the sexy office manager, has some of the best outfits. And I dig that the actress Christina Hendricks has a real woman's body. Plus, (at least in the first season) she's never without her gold pen necklace:

When I found one online for just $20...well, I had to have it.

A 28%-off online coupon made it an even sweeter deal. Don't you love anything wearable that's related to writing? Well...OK not just anything. But I love the pen necklace. Functional and vintage-y.

Do you have a favorite writerly piece of clothing or accessory? In addition to the pen necklace, I'm partial to literature-inspired coffee mugs.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

I'm with you about the coffee mugs, as long as they are big enough to get a decent amount of coffee in them. I hate the little ones.

Tess said...

It is a beautiful pen/necklace.

And, we looove our netflix. The other day, I heard my son tell his friend, "We have every single dvd there is." I stopped him ...'what?" I said, "no we don't" he said, "sure we do mom, it's called netflix!" hahahaha