Friday, September 25, 2009

When pinkies attack

I'd love to be in a Roving Grammar Posse, wiping out incorrect grammar with a swipe of my Sharpie.

Or in last night's case, my pinkie.

It was fitting that yesterday was National Punctuation Day, because before I could eat dinner at Moe's with JB, I had to correct a chalkboard sign at the front of the store:

Before correction: Tuesday's - Kid's Night
After correction: Tuesdays - Kid's Night

You can still tell where the apostrophe erroneously sat, despite my pinkie's best efforts at obliteration. I wasn't as thorough as I'd have liked because I was trying to be covert. The would-you-like-black-or-pinto-beans guy was giving me the eye.

I would further argue that the apostrophe should really be after the "s" in "Kid's" but it wasn't technically incorrect so I holstered my pinkie. Roving Grammar Posse: 1. Incorrect Apostrophe: 0.5.

We shall meet again one day, Incorrect Apostrophe. Beware my writing/erasing instruments, for they are swift and vengeful.


writtenwyrdd said...

Good thing you didn't take the second apostrophe out, it might have appeared that the kids were on the menu! (In fact, the line below looks like it says "kid meat" instead of "Kid meal"!

Crimogenic said...

Exactly what kind of restaurant is this place where kids are on the menu? Frightening!

Be proud of your grammar skills!

Casey said...

You and John are just alike! He does the same thing.