Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your future self wow

I'm sorry the posts have been sporadic lately. General blog etiquette says I should have a blogging schedule and stick to it. I hope to do that soon.

To make it up to you, I've got an author interview and a BOOK GIVEAWAY coming up in the next couple of weeks! It's the perfect autumn read if you're a seasonal reader like me.

And because I love lists, here's a list of some of the better search terms that bring readers to this blog:

"what happened 90 years ago" (Wikipedia, my friends)
"how do you know if you're a psycho" (at least 12 different people came to my site with that search or something close to it)
"best way to carry a pen without losing or breaking it" (also several people with this one...um, in your hand?)
"you picked a fine time to leave me Lucille"
"i got lost in Versailles gardens" (obvs. I'm not the only one)
"idea for a novel"
"midnight bacon cravings" (yes)
"your future self wow"

I hope your future self wow is as cool as the ShamWow. Which I definitely bought and it is way cool. Although if you go to its home page you'll notice an incorrect usage of "It's" on the very top header bar. What a shamewow. (sorry)

While I'm on a tangent, I might as well branch further and say that made me think of the Snuggie. Do you own one? Want one? Despite its inherent creepiness, it looks comfy and soft and would make me laugh any time I wore it. JB and I are considering them as Christmas gag gifts to each other. I like the leopard-print one and he likes the blue. But if we got ones that didn't match, we wouldn't look as much like a druid cult, and isn't that kind of the point?

**UPDATE: Major thanks to Natalia Maldonado who mentioned in the comments that there are Snuggies for dogs. Naturally I had to investigate, and it's absolutely true. Is it just me, or do dogs actually look better in Snuggies than people?


Cerrissa said...

those search terms are fascinating!!!

umm i had the snuggie idea first. I said, "Mom, I want a blanket with arms in it." She said, "Cerrissa, that's called a robe."

i should have just invented it anyway *sigh* Mine would have come in waaaay better colors.

Dominique said...

Yeah, I'm gonna say that matching Snuggies matching you look like leaders of some Druidic movement. Or, worn differently, a Jedi, at least in my eyes. Or, something creepier.

Kelly H-Y said...

The Snuggie makes me laugh every time I see it in the store or on TV! :-)

writtenwyrdd said...

The searches that bring people to my blog aren't generally that interesting. Although if you use the correctly spelled names for genitalia and/or the word pr0n (spelled correctly)you will find many hits indeed.

I'm having a contest on my blog and wasn't sure if you stopped by. We're writing horror in honor of Halloween: http://writtenwyrdd.typepad.com/writtenwyrdd/2009/09/announcing-a-contest.html I hope you don't mind the mention!

Anna Claire said...

Cerrissa - ahhh you could have been a millionaire!! Your mom cracks me up.

Written - thanks for the heads-up on your contest. I must say, that prize is too cool and...fluffy :)

Natalia Maldonado said...

One search that keeps bringing people to my blog is "bjork swan dress." Makes me laugh every time.

I think the Snuggies are such a great idea for a gift. They're totally one of those things that everyone makes fun of but secretly wouldn't mind having, just as long as they didn't have to buy it for themselves.

I had to laugh when I saw one of their commercials the other day and they had Snuggies for dogs!

Trisha said...

It is totally all about looking like a druid cult. And please, if you have a dog and buy him/her a Snuggie, post pictures!

jmberrygirl said...

The weenie dogs always look precious in snuggies, and I know from personal experience that they love anything warm. If you are weird and buy gifts for dogs, this does make a great one. However, on people... um, no. At least not in public. Privacy of your own home, on the couch, sure.