Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a toss up between Five-Face and The Prince of Evil

I just returned from visiting my sister in Charleston and have some awesome photos of a preserved-not-restored (yay!) antebellum mansion that I'll try to post soon. It was great research for my "real" novel--you know, the one on hiatus until I exorcise my writing demons with NaNoWriMo.

Of course it was good to see my little sis this week, too. Lucky for me (and my novel) that she's getting a master's degree in historic preservation, given the deep-South setting of the "real" novel and my penchant for dilapidated buildings.

But on to the novel at hand, my 1930s mystery caper for NaNoWriMo. Here's the progress so far:

Novel Update
Word count: 11,622
Number of disguises: 4
Number of eggrolls: 5
Number of chase scenes: 2
Number of large women: 3 (if you count the man dressed as a woman)
Number of randomly connected things I looked up last night on Wikipedia in the name of research: 3. The Shadow, autogyros and Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
Number of cool and/or awesomely bad villain names I might steal from The Shadow radio series: 5. The Red Blot, Five-Face, The Death Giver, Gray Fist and The Prince of Evil.

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Cerrissa said...

'Gray Fist' is def a stealer!