Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Comforting things...because HOLY CRAP IT IS GOING TO SNOW

I'm still getting over a nasty stomach bug contracted while visiting the extended inlaws this weekend. Blech.

You know what has helped? I mean, not a lot, but a little bit? Two of the most comforting things I can think of: Snuggies and bad reality TV.

JB and I got each other Snuggies for Christmas (his is blue and mine is pink). It's the most-used present either of us got this year.

I love my pink Snuggie. Momerath likes it, too, evidenced by the fact that she slept in my lap FOUR TIMES this week. And only while I was wearing it. This is a new record for our more standoffish cat. I would provide pics, but the Snuggie falls under the Guilty Pleasure heading and the Internet has a long memory. I don't think I'd want pics of me in all my Snuggie glory resurfacing one day when I'm 45 and running for City Council or something.

Not that I'm planning on running for City Council. Though the local elections of 2028 could be exciting...

For bad reality TV, I watched The Bachelor on Monday night. Even better would have been one of those World's Craziest Police Car Chases shows on TruTV. Man, I love those shows. Mostly because the announcer guy thrives on puns and hyperbole. And he always ends each chase (after the car thieves are inevitably caught) with something like, "On that long stretch of Atlanta highway, these crooks found out just what happens when the devil goes down to Georgia."

At any rate, it's good that I've got the comfort thing nailed down because...


I'm just trying to give you a general taste of the terror and excitement building around the proposed TWO INCHES we might get here in the next day or so. All of you living above the Mason-Dixon can laugh, but this is big stuff here in Alabama. (Apparently also in Tennessee, as this mom blogger from Nashville so perfectly describes the general atmosphere. I swear, she could be talking about my hometown.) I think the hysteria is mostly because the state and local governments don't have good snow-clearing vehicles and none of us know how to drive in snow.

For example: today my boss related the story of when he first started working at our publication. He was driving to work during the Great Blizzard of 93 (I remember schools were closed for a week; I think we had three or four inches) and found himself behind a city truck. He was glad, figuring he'd be driving newly-cleared roads as long as he stayed behind it.

What it actually was: a large dump truck hauling a gigantic pile of salt. Two men were in the back of the truck, kicking salt onto the road with their boots as the truck drove along. This is what passed for "salting the roads" back then in North Alabama. I've got my fingers crossed that our technology has improved.

In case I'm snowed in with no power for the next month on account of the upcoming Snow Storm 2010, I'd love to know: what are your favorite comfy things?


jmberrygirl said...

I know, I know, I know! Same issues in MS! (And on my usual grocery day, too, of all the inconveniences!)

Comfy things: hot soup, bubble baths, steamed milk or hot cocoa (can't drink coffee these days--I'm preggers!), and snuggles. Nothing like snuggles with a sweetie. They've already given mine the day off, but of course, my office will wait and see how things go. I'm not expecting it to be as bad as '94, but who knows? Didn't really see that one coming (at the tender age of 8!) either!

Anna Claire said...

It WAS 94, wasn't it? I'm getting forgetful in my old age!

Karen said...

Has your mom ever told you about her first adventures driving in the snow when she and your Dad were stationed in Germany? According to our recollection, she had trouble negotiating a particular exit ramp while driving to work and your father had to get her out of the same ditch three times in one week. She was as excited as you are about having snow but hated to drive in it! One of her favorite cozy things at that time was tea with honey, which I made for her when she was in the play "Oklahoma" and had a sore throat. Every time I have tea with honey I think of your mom - one of the sweetest people I ever met!

lotusgirl said...

I grew up in SC so I can totally identify with the guys kicking salt off the back of the truck. LOL. That's priceless. I like snuggling under a blanket with a good book and some hot chocolate with marshmallows.

StableGranny said...

Pat Weaver here, friend of Irene Latham and I saw your blog at her blog... lordy ten years ago I would have called you a liar if you said I might type a sentence like that... anyway
I was around for the big BIG snow that started on New Year's Eve 1963. We got 18 inches here in Florence and what fun we had. All I can say is lets hope it's not a ice storm like 1994 phew was without power for 14 days.
Comfort items, always my big fluffy robe, soft loose socks, a good book, but those things are for rainy days... snowy days you saddle a horse and go exploring.
I posted a small clip of my slice of life about that snow in 1963 check it out
PS love you style of writing, I could almost pat that kitty and see the hairs on your snuggle

writtenwyrdd said...

Speaking as a California gal who relocated to New England and snow with no problem, there isn't a reason to worry if it's less than 3 inches (except you want to make sure your plumbing doesn't freeze!) It's just a matter of slowing way down, not making sharp moves or sudden stops or starts. In short, driving is rather like driving in a torrential downpour where you might hydroplane. Same principles apply, really. Just be careful of the other drivers.

A coworker is from Sylacauga and he tells me that his relatives down there are totally freaked out, too.