Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Travel fast to get it

Just wanted to alert you to a new book released yesterday that has a high probability of being completely awesome. It's The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn. She's the author of the Lady Julia Gray series which I reviewed here, here and here, and also one of my favorite (living) authors. Her books are fun, literary, romantic, mysterious and historical. And fun. And romantic.

Her newest book is a romantic suspense about vampires and takes place in a decaying mansion in the Carpathians. Um, yes please. I'm not attached to vampires (particularly of the angsty teen persuasion) but I'm always up for historical romance/mystery. And I love a good decaying mansion.

My copy of The Dead Travel Fast is winging its way to me in the mail right this second. I'll review it after I've devoured it, which shouldn't take long.

You can go here or here to get your own copy. And be sure to check out her delightful blog, with links to recent interviews she's done for the book.


Jessica Eastman said...

Sounds fun, and I have been looking for a good fiction to read. Thanks, Anna Claire!

lotusgirl said...

Are we talking genre romance with the heaving bosoms or just a nice romantic story?

Anna Claire said...

Lotusgirl: LOL. No, Raybourn does not belong in that category of romance, per se. Mostly becasue her writing is so good.

She does throw in an occasional heaving bosom, but never in a blatantly skanky way...if that helps.