Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spycations - they're for real

I'm a fan of the ABC show Castle, which comes on Monday nights (9 p.m. CST).

Hello, it's about a mystery writer...who actually gets to help solve crimes. Yes, please. And it's adorable. I highly recommend catching up on reruns this summer if you've never seen it.

Anyway, last night's season finale murder victim was a man participating in a fake spy adventure. Because I'm a dork, I was reading EW.com's recap of the episode and the writer was lamenting there aren't real companies out there (he'd Googled) who offer "spycations" like the one on the show, where you are given fake spy assignments on self-destructing pens and you chase down top secret documents, etc.

And then through browsing the comments, I found that there in fact IS a company that offers this kind of spy experience. Is it in NYC or any other too-cool city? Nope.

It's in Alabama. Oh yeah. Like two hours from where I live. Plus they offer group spycations. How much fun would that be for a birthday party? It's probably crazy expensive, and it could be hard to overcome feeling kind of silly while you're playing, but if you're like me and had a weird childhood obsession with spies it could be completely awesome.

Check 'em out: Spy With Me Vacations.


TNT Builds said...

Oh my gosh so funny! My husband and I are watching Castle right now and he just said to me "Google spycations" so I did and yours was the only legitimate site that came up. If we're ever in the area...

lotusgirl said...

I LOVE Castle. Isn't it the best?

hal said...

Another similar 'spycation' is offered at the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. I haven't had a chance to do it yet...hoping to soon! See http://www.spymuseum.org/spyinthecity/

hal said...

Oh..thought of another thing that's similar: Disney EPCOT has the Kim Possible adventure. You run around EPCOT with a special cell-phone and find clues and 'catch' villains. It is a HUGE amount of fun for the whole family....and Disney has really done a fantastic job with the depth of the adventures.

Lord Best said...

There are some other 'spycation' companies, of variable sophistication:
This is more 'spy training' than fantasy, I admit.

I've loved spy stories since I was little and the school library had some of the Osborne Good Spy Guide books. I recommend them if you can find them, lots of fun.

omechron said...

Actually, the spywithme thing may be LOCATED in Alabama but they'll set your spycation anywhere you like.

I haven't been able to locate any customer reviews of them (either positive or negative), which doesn't fill me with warm feelings.

Parrothead Navy said...

Alas, your AL company is out of business... or at least their domain is for sale. Sigh. We too Googled it as we were just watching Season 2 on DVDs :-)

Mia said...

"Spy With Me" seems to be a scam -- cellulite removal now.