Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to school shopping...for myself

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but here school has already started. In practical terms this means nothing to me since I'm neither in school nor have a child in school. And because I'm staying home for a few weeks with Mr. W, I don't even have to brave school traffic on my way to work in the morning.

But like most self-respecting writers, I have a great affinity for office supplies. Pens and notebooks in particular. And now, even though I'm not going back to school and even though I do most of my writing on the ol' laptop, I feel like I deserve some lovely new pens. Pens with thick ink. Mmmmm pens. Mmmmm thick ink.

But notebooks are where it's really at. I had a gazillion of them when I was growing up, full of unfinished story ideas and lists of character names, and lists of stuff I liked, and journal entries and a million other things. I still love notebooks, and a while ago ordered a set of these:

It's a set of three personalized notebooks from Paperwink. Yes, I did need them. The coolest thing is that you get to customize the little vintage-y labels on the front of the notebooks with your name, book title, website or whatever you want. And you get to pick colors. They're the perfect size, thin, and they're only $15 for the set.

You know you need these. At least, I know I needed them. Just call it your own back-to-school present to yourself.


Jill Wheeler said...

They're so pretty!

Michelle. said...

Oh man I heart new school supplies. I take my girls out for their stuff, but I always come home with my share. Sometimes, when I am feeling blue, a brand new pen saves the day. lol
Those vintagey labels rock! I may have to shuffle on over there and order some too! That's a great find. Admit it, you googled school supplies, didn't you. Awesome!

Dominique said...

I love school supplies. Not kidding. My love for notebooks knows no bounds.

randine said...

I had no idea that I needed a notebook so badly until I saw those. Now I not only need one, but I need three. Thanks, checking it out right now.