Thursday, August 05, 2010


I'm working on my Southern Gothic novel, and procrastinating (with a purpose, of course) by looking through awesome dilapidation and decay on Flikr.

Some good ones:

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Teacher's Pet

Antebellum, maybe

Weathered Memories

Ruinous Grandeur



B. Nagel said...

Beautiful pictures. Before our baby was born and the world changed shape, I had been working on a Southern story myself. About stagnation, the extreme desire to cling, the tight family ties, the understood and never-spoken scandals and tragedies. But, like I said, the baby has changed the center of my world.

Julie Rodgers said...

Love these!! I just stole the last one and made it my desktop picture. :) Also checked out some of your other cool pix and LOVE the bookshelves. You have really great style!

Anna Claire said...

B - I am completely feeling you about life after baby :)

Julie - thanks!! I love that last one, too.

John Atkinson said...

Anna, the schoolroom picture grabbed me by the nap of my neck and slammed me in one of the desks. The empty room brought home how it felt to be in an alien world with no escape. I was a kid back in the early 1950 who couldn't read. Over the years I taught myself how and my wife, an English Major, started teaching me grammar in my 50s. Through frustration she gave up teaching me how to spell. I don't hear phonics correctly. My father was an illiterate and I got his genes. Anyway, all the suffering I went through, and still go through, is what drives me to write. I was invited to the Library of Virginia a few years ago to talk about my book Timekeeper. The message there was, I'm an aging old man reaching out to other writers. I'm seeking the elusive A Plus.
I love the old houses. I worked with my father restoring old houses in the 1950s.
I love this post.
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