Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn reading

I'm a seasonal reader. Right now it's Dracula. Cliched, maybe, but I'd never read it before and it's quite good.

If you're into YA, check out Book-Scout's Autumn Reading List! Part 3, which is her compilation of great YA novels perfect for reading in autumn. I'm embarassed I've never read any of them except Frankenstein, but I'm making a trip to the library ASAP.

For more fall reading, check out Andrea's Autumn Reading List for picture books and middle-grade books.

What are your favorite books to read in fall?


The Las Vegas Writer said...

The only thing that bothered my about Dracula was the fact that the entire book was written from journal entries and newspaper articles. I did like the book, but I don't think I would read it again. Hope your reading goes well this autumn!

Anna Claire said...

LV Writer--
I totally agree. Epistolary novels are not my thing. I like this one fairly well so far but I'll have to see how it holds up at the end.

Betty said...

I also enoy YA fiction books. I've just finished the first book in the Rick Riordan series "39 Clues". What a great YA fiction writer. Currently, I'm reading an interesting self help book called "The Sobering Truth" by Jeff Herten, M.D.. So far it's a highly engaging read that combines medical knowledge with case studies and personal exploits. I'm learning a lot.

lotusgirl said...

Great list over there. My favorite of those is definitely The Book Thief.

Chad Sayban said...

For some reason the first book I fell in love with always seems to come out this time of year - "The Call of the Wild."

britni @ Antika Moda said...

I'm TOTALLY a seasonal reader! Now's the time for scary books!! :) Love your blog.