Monday, October 04, 2010

Dress like Nancy Drew

More Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys inspired fashion! Yes!

This time it's the Fall 2010 line from Dear Creatures, a clothing brand with a vintage-y vibe.

I am a longtime devotee of Nancy Drew. She's responsible for my deep love of mysteries and was, by far, the coolest girl I'd ever read about when I was 10.

 Although my favorite Nancy Drew series was the Case Files, where Nancy looked slightly less 30s-glamorous and more...well...

...80s fabulous.


The Dear Creatures line is lovely.

Here's the description:
Fall 2010 carries on Dear Creatures' panache for all things nostalgic and narrative. A collection inspired by Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, the clothing reflects curious girls'and guys' instinct for smart and timeless fashion, the same instincts they assign to their crime solving adventures. 

 They've even got vintage-preppy, Hardy-esque looks for guys:

They're much more chic than the ones on the cover of the Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Super Mysteries. Although the books were awesome, they are (hopefully) at least a few years away from inspiring a fashion line.


J said...

I was also a HUGE Nancy Drew fan. It makes me happy that my 5th grade girlies love her, as well :)Although I think they (and I!) much prefer glam 30's Nancy over shoulder-padded 80's Nancy!

Cerrissa said...

i def thought nancy drew was the coolest! and I would die to date a cute preppy hardy boy(or dare I say, Ned)!!