Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looking for a beard

It's Mr. W.'s first Halloween. Yay for getting to dress a baby in a funny costume! I thought about going the pre-made costume route (particularly since I can't sew) but I just never found anything I liked well enough, plus I had no idea what size he'd be on Halloween. Three-month clothes are just now starting to fit him (!)

So he's going to be a lumberjack instead. I found the perfect tiny red-and-black plaid coat:

...a furry trapper hat from Old Navy and cute furry moccasins from Target (neither of which have a pic online, but I promise they're awesome). Also some teeny baby jeans that I really hope Mr. W. will grow into sometime between now and Oct. 31.

The finishing touch, I think, will be a beard. I want to make one out of felt.

I Googled "baby beard template" and came up with some really weird stuff, but just "beard template" yielded lots of options. I think I'm going to adapt this one for Mr. W.'s little face.

I also noticed the creator of that template has an Etsy shop that sells, you guessed it...fake beards.

The shop is called I Made You a Beard and it's full of...awesomeness. She's got all kinds of fake beards and beard-related art. I kind of want this moustache merit badge to pin on Mr. W.'s jacket.

JB and I are thinking about dressing up as a lumberjack and lumberjane - so we're a whole lumberjack family - for when we take Mr. W. trick-or-treating at our parents' houses.

What about you? Are you dressing up for Halloween, and what are you going to be?

*P.S. 10/21/10: I just realized I'll probably get a lot of weird Google hits thanks to the title of my blog post. Whoops. So if you are still reading this and you are looking for a beard of the non-Halloween-costume persuasion, this is not the blog for you. I'm sorry for the confusion, and happy hunting.


Guinevere said...

I love that! Cutest baby costume ever.

I am using Halloween as an excuse to buy retro dresses off Modcloth. :p I think I'm going with a cute red and black & white checked halter dress and being a "pin up girl".

ricericebaby said...

This is the coolest baby costume EVER!!

Carson and Oliver are going to be matching ladybugs. Jeff seems to think it's cruel to dress the dog up simply for a super cute Halloween picture. I can't wait!!


Anna Claire said...

Guinevere, I LOVE ModCloth! A retro pinup girl sounds like a fabulous costume; plus you can still wear the dress later!

Lizzy- I love the dog/baby matching outfit idea :)