Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Nursery

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Designing Mr. W's nursery was a fun experience. It's the only time I'll ever get to put exactly what I want in his room, so I wanted to make the most of it. And I want to share it with you, because I got nearly all of my ideas online and I'm grateful to those others who shared.

I indugled my love for old things in this room, but the green crib was my jumping-off point. I absolutely did NOT want a pale blue room. Pale blue was just about all the nursery bedding and decor available for boys - at least in my price range, and it drove me nuts.

I got the crib at a consignment sale for an unbelievable $20 (it was super sturdy and I checked the serial number for recalls first). We sanded it - it was originally white - and spray painted it a lovely grass green. The spray paint is nontoxic after it cures for a few days. I chose orange and brown to round out the warm, vintage-y color palette.

And I also chose owls. I think they're cute and they seem kind of vintage, too.

My mom made the crib bedding and the curtains from chocolate brown dot and stripe fabric because I couldn't find anything else I liked that wasn't $400 for a crib set. The chest of drawers and the dresser were Craigslist finds. I wanted something mid-20th century and  these were in great condition. (And small world, the sellers were the parents of one of my college professors; she was home for the weekend helping them sell their stuff and we had a minor freakout session when we realized we knew each other.)

This groovy orange lamp belonged to my uncle and is actually from the 70s. It falls into the so-ugly-it's-cute category. It's been sitting in our garage for five years and I'm glad to finally have a place to put it.

Oddly, it's been easy to find owls for room decor. I thought I was being creative when I picked owls over something more traditional, like teddy bears or jungle animals, but a pparently I was just jumping on a larger owl-loving bandwagon. This silver owl bank was a $10 Target find.

On the wall near his crib is most of the artwork in the room. There's an owl painting my mom got from Layla Grayce, and below it is a pointillist painting of Samford Hall (one of the oldest buildings my alma mater, Auburn University) that a close friend made for me when we were still in school. Beside it is a quote by Bo Jackson, Auburn's most famous football star. I like the sentiment and it was only $5 at Hobby Lobby, but it bugs me to no end that it says "...till you get there" in stead of "...'til you get there". Argh.

Above the Bo sign is a shadow box where I framed Mr. W's teeny hospital bracelet, and below the clock is a hanger with his name, made by Etsy seller LilaFrances. On the wall perpendicular to that (see in the first photo at the top of this post) are two owl paintings - one of a mommy, daddy and baby owl in the daytime; one of a mommy and baby owl at nighttime - that were painted by my super-talented sister. favorite part of his room, the library wall. We mounted Ribba ledges from Ikea to hold all of his picture books, and I painted letters I bought at Hobby Lobby for a dollar or two apiece to create the alphabet above. Both ideas I borrowed from nurseries I saw on Ohdeedoh .

I nurse Mr. W in the orange rocker, and we play cool tunes - Avett Brothers, Michael Jackson, Weezer - on the iPod player on the little table. I like that it continuously changes color, so it doubles as a nightlight.

The long dresser that matches the chest of drawers doubles as our changing table, and he can watch the trees outside while he gets changed. He LOVES trees.

Speaking of trees...We got the vinyl wall decal of a tree and owl from Etsy seller Simple Shapes. It was easy to put up and will come off cleanly when we don't want it anymore. I priced tree decals all over the internet, and this was one of the most reasonably priced for its size.

I made the owl mobile hanging over Mr. W's crib myself, with a wire Kikkerland Randon Photo Mobile, fishing line and felt owls that I made from an easy pattern I found here. I just printed out the patterns, bought felt in colors that coordinated in the room, cut out the pieces and used some simple stitches to sew them together. They're lightly stuffed with polyfil. Mr. W is just now noticing the owls and it's fun to watch him watch them.

We got an Ikea Expedit shelving unit to hold toys, etc. It's kind of messy right now, but I keep promising myself I'll get around to making it neat and pretty. On one of the shelves we've put a photo of Mr. W's twin brother, Mr. G; we're planning to always keep a photo of him in Mr. W's room. The baskets are Strapping Storage baskets from Land of Nod.

We've got cork squares next to the door to hold pictures and cards and pieces of mail. I still get excited when Mr. W gets mail - seeing his name on an envelope makes him seem so grown up :)

So that's it, folks. Mr. W and I hope you enjoyed the tour.

In honor of Mr. W's nursery, I'm giving away The New Kidspace Idea Book by Wendy A. Jordan. It's got lots of great pics and cool ideas for nurseries, kids' rooms, outdoor play areas and more! Just leave a comment and tell me about the decor in your kid's room or your own childhood bedroom (mine was yellow and very, very floral).

Entries are due by Monday, 11:59 p.m. CST. Please, only entries from those living in the U.S. (I'm sorry, international friends!). Be sure to leave your e-mail so I can contact you!


Caroline Starr Rose said...

It's beautiful!

Sarah said...

Ok. Next kid we have, you're doing the nursery. Because this is TOTALLY AWESOME. LOVE the green crib, the lamp, the alphabet (especially the "I" and the "O"), the artwork. Everything is super cool. YOU are super cool.

Would love to win that book. My decor was pink and blue bunny and bird wallpaper. I hated it. I had it until I was 18. :D

Eva said...

i LOVE the green crib! the whole nursery is wonderful, I love the colour of the walls, and the orange rocker & lamp.