Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Because it's almost Christmas and because I'm feeling lazy (but triumphant because I finally finished all my shopping last night) I'm fulfilling my blogging duties by posting some gratuitous-yet-festive photos.

The first few are of Mr. W in his cute little Christmas outfit my mom made him, and the rest are from my and JB's trip this weekend to NYC. It was c-c-cold but so fun. We window shopped on Fifth Avenue, strolled through Central Park at twilight and had a blast at the Weezer concert - they rock so much harder live than they do on their albums!

I wish you and yours a wonderful, cozy, exuberant Christmas, and a New Year full of good things.
Anna Claire

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randine said...

Aw, your little man is absolutely adorable! And your trip looks like a lot of fun- some day I really need to go to NYC. I'll call it research for a book.

Thanks for sharing those. Have a wonderful Christmas!