Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Geek rock, city lights and the possibility of snow

JB and I are headed to NYC in a couple of weeks, and I'm EXCITED.

His favorite band, Weezer, is playing a greatest hits concert that includes the Blue Album (The Sweater Song! Buddy Holly! Say It Ain't So!) I've never been to the Big Apple at Christmas time. When we found out about the concert, JB and I kind of looked at each other and said, why not?

But, as with most things in life, there is good and not-so-good about this trip. First, the not-so-good:

1. We'll have to be away from Mr. W. for three nights. Sniff. He'll be staying with our families and will be perfectly'll just be hard not seeing him every day. But overall I think this is healthy for him and for us, too. I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't be one of those overbearing "my baby can't survive without ME!" kind of parents. I want him to grow up to be confident and independent. At least, that's what I keep telling myself as I contemplate not being able to kiss his chubby little cheeks for two whole days....

2. Bedbugs. I'm totally freaked about bedbugs. The good part is that one of my oldest friends lives in NYC and she has graciously invited us to stay with her. Which is great for many reasons, including that we don't have to be in a hotel room that may or may not have tiny unwanted guests hiding in the mattress. But bedbugs, if you believe the media reports (and, OK, maybe they are a bit exaggerated), are everywhere: stores, subway benches, theater seats. EW. Ew ew ew ew ew. I don't have many phobias - not scared of heights, the dark, clowns - but bugs? Ugh. ::shudder:: (But for a laugh, check out this guy riding through the streets of NYC dressed as a bedbug.)

But on to the good stuff. I'm so stoked about the good stuff.

In no particular order....
1. Skating in Central Park
2. Window shopping on Fifth Avenue
3. Wearing adorable coats and hats and scarves and boots AT THE SAME TIME, which is not always possible here in Alabama. I even have a new lovely goldenrod-color wool coat with buttons down the back that I've been eyeing since last year. And also some cute boots that magically make my legs look longer and skinnier. Because obviously the good people of New York have nothing better to do than admire what I'm wearing...but anyway.
4. Staying with my good friend, and getting to spend time with our former college roommate who is also staying with her.
5. Romantic hand-in-hand strolls through the city with JB.
6. Fun concert by a band I like but have never seen live.
7. Delicious food.
8. It might snow!
9. Seeing the Rockefeller tree.
10. Having our first mini-vacation (since baby) with just the two of us.


The Paper Doll said...

Wow--sounds awesome (especially skating in Central Park)!

Lenore said...

I love the Weezer Blue Album! have fun!

Diana Mieczan said...

You will have a blast:) Everything sound so fun

Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

J said...

I'm so excited for you! I've always wanted to go to NYC at Christmastime. Take bazillions of pictures, and I can't wait to hear about it!


Cerrissa said...

I can't wait for you and Jeff to come visit!!!!!!

Julie Rodgers said...

How magical!! That sounds wonderful, AC. I'm excited for you guys! Oh and I heart the Blue Album by Weezer, too. It reminds me of senior year '97. Weezer, Green Day, and Sublime would be on my Senior Year Soundtrack for sure. :) Have fun!

T C Mckee said...

In complete envy over here. Have a wonderful trip and do everything! Merry Christmas!