Monday, January 24, 2011

fundraising season - eep.

If you haven't already noticed my sidebar, we're gearing up for fundraising season with the March of Dimes. I'm the first one to admit I've never EVER liked fundraising. Didn't like it in elementary school, middle or high school. Didn't like it in college. Don't like it now. There's just something icky-feeling about asking people for money, you know?


As you know, the March of Dimes is a cause close to my heart, so JB and I decided to start a team, called Team Will + Graham (named after our sons). It just...well, it seemed like the thing to do, so we did it.

This is NOT a plea for funds because, as stated above, I feel icky asking people for money. But I wanted to mention Team Will + Graham because if you are interested in joining, we'd love to have you.

It's absolutely free to join a March of Dimes team, and doesn't require you to donate anything at all. Of course we love donations of all kinds, from $5 to $25 and beyond. But we also just like the moral support of having team members and welcome anyone, whether you live near us or not. If you do live near us (North Alabama), you're welcome to join us at the actual March for Babies on April 16, or you can find one near you at the March for Babies website.

Since asking for money makes my hiney cringe (as The Pioneer Woman would say), we've decided to hold a big fundraising event instead: a big used book swap, with live music, a coffee bar, silent auction and more. I'm super excited about it, not the least because it involves books! The basic premise is that we collect a ton of used books (and, hopefully, books from the big box retailers, which have donation programs for nonprofit events like this). The day of the event, people come and bring their own used books, pay a small entry fee (which is how we make money) and then they can browse the books. They get to take home as many books as they brought, and the books they brought are put out on the tables for others to browse and take.

And then we'll have comfy couches, chairs, lamps etc. for reading and socializing, along with live music in one corner and a coffee/dessert bar in another. We hope to have a silent auction of the nicer books we're able to acquire (like a set of Harry Potters, a new bestseller, a signed copy of a book, or similar)

If you have any suggestions for gathering books, I'd love to hear them. Or ANY advice for a newbie fundraiser-er. JB and I have never planned an event like this, so we're open to all the tips we can get!

If you live in the North Alabama area and would like to help, e-mail me (link in the right sidebar) because we're holding a pizza/planning party next week to get this thing off and running.


J said...

Normally, fundraising also makes my hiney cringe, but I'm excited to help out Team Will + Graham in any way I'm able! Such a great cause. I'll definitely be marching on April 16th, and look forward to spending a fun weekend in H-ville!

Casey said...

So happy for you guys and proud of you both for doing this!