Friday, April 15, 2011


My devotional guide this morning told the story of a Barbara Brown Taylor, an Episcopal priest who was invited to be a guest speaker. Her host greeted her with the question “Tell us what is saving your life right now.” Taylor pointed out that most of us could say what stresses us out, what worries us, what keeps us up at night; but we give more of a rote answer to what saves us: God, our family.

I like the idea of pausing to think about what feeds my soul instead of what weighs it down. God of course, and my family, of course. But smaller, specific things can feed your soul as well.

For me, I love looking at green, growing things – gazing up at a canopy of trees overhead; watching the sunlight and shade play over the pastures in the little valley where I live; listening to the rustling leaves in the huge trees above my house. It’s soothing to look at creation and admire it. It “restores my soul,” to borrow a line from Psalms.

What restores your soul? What small things are saving your life right now?


Cerrissa said...

I think the small things are so important. Little magical things in nature are the most impressive. Especially during the spring when everything is budding and changing with every day.

The other thing that saves me are cookies :) and hugs :)

J said...

Love this post! What feeds my soul?

-the bright green color of brand new leaves
-family and friends
-time off of work
-good sleep

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I hope you have some time to sit outside and feed your soul!