Friday, April 29, 2011

we're OK

Still without power here after the tornadoes came through Wednesday, but my family and I are safe and so thankful for that. I have never, ever experienced anything like Wednesday, when tornado after tornado rolled through here in North Alabama - it was incredible and scary. The death toll in our state has topped 200 and climbing, with nine of those in my county.

Please, please pray for the families who have lost someone or who have lost their homes and possessions.

I'm at work today with internet access - the newspaper where I work is running on generator power - but there are 160,000 in my city (including us) with no power, and hundreds of thousands more without power across North Alabama. We probably won't get it back until early next week, so we're looking at several more days of no electricity. The lines at the few gas stations that are running are forever long, and a hot meal has been difficult to come by!

Will and I are staying at my parents' house because JB is out of town on business. My parents don't have power either, but at least we're all together :)

If you are interested in more info or ways to help, you can check out for photos, video, etc. and

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