Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The fluffy bits

I've been working past my writer's block by writing only the fun parts of my novel.

Oh, you didn't remember I'm still working on a novel? I can't imagine why.

The last time I blogged about it was only like seven months ago. C'mon, people, keep up.


Just kidding. This blog is supposed to be about my noveling, but the noveling posts have dropped off shamefully in the last year or so. I'd love to blame it on my adorable kid, but at least half the reason is that when I get home from work in the evening, after playing with him and making dinner, all I really want to do (and, subsequently, do) is hang out with JB and watch TV. I'm a recliner slug.

But I've been working on the 1930s mystery a bit more recently. Instead of making myself write in a linear fashion, which I have always done before, I'm writing the "fun" parts as they come to me. Y'know, a scene where our heroine is locked in the basement of a Chinese liquor store with her partner in crime, or the scene where she goes under cover as a cabaret singer. The fun stuff.

And I feel guilty about not pushing myself to do more of the meatier parts, but right now I figure 500 words of fluff beats 0 words of nothing.

If you're a writer (or any kind of artist) how do you make yourself just sit down and do it? How do you fight your propensity for procrastination? How do you resist the siren call of true crime shows and Castle and Parks & Rec and The Food Network?


V. Furnas said...

I agree fluff is better than nothing. Keep at it and you will get there...eventually.

Cerrissa said...

Didn't Harriet the Spy go to the basement in a chinese food restaurant?

Fluffy bits are the best ;) My siren call is Gossip Girl and magazines...

Hannah Mariska said...

the fun stuff sounds good - and can def keep you motivated!

i absolutely know how you feel- by the time i get home from work, having battled the masses on london's buses, i have no will to do any writing. (i don't have a little one like you, but i have a boyfriend, who like any typical bloke needs looking after!)

i feel like weekends are my time to relax. so if i need to write i have to be in work. (if i can steal some time in work to write then i'm actually really productive. maybe because its better than work!)

can't wait to hear more of the fun bits!

Parrothead Navy said...

You probably know all this already. Either after everyone else has gone to bed or really early in the morning. Just do the sit and stare at the keyboard for 90 minutes. You'll write something. As usual, it will initially have a high ratio of fat to protein, but eventually you will arrive at something really nutritious.

Course, being an insomniac helps... BTW, we just visited Cafe 615 in Mobile, and it was AWESOME... lunch is cheaper and just as yummy. You go, girl!