Wednesday, June 01, 2011

moms with computers

Even with the profusion - nay, the glut, the overload - of mommy blogs out there, it's difficult to find ones you'd actually want to read.

Some mommy bloggers indulge in annoying blogspeak (ohmagawd, thismuch) or USE CAPS LOCK INAPPROPRIATELY. Others have so much sidebar flair their blog looks like Times Square dipped in scrapbooking materials. Some are all about giveaways! contests! OMG I'm sponsored by Kellogg's!!! And others are just not good enough writers to turn a mom's often mundane day-to-day into a sparkling gem of a post.

This has been a long and roundabout way to mention one of the most beautiful and thoughtful blogs (by a blogger who is a new mom) that I just stumbled across: Aura Joon. Check it out, even if you're not interested in mom-things. Her posts are lovely essays on life, sprinkled with her own gorgeous photography. It's one of those blogs where you want to just relax and soak it in. She's real and honest and lovely.

This is a beautiful quote from her, from this post, where she talks about taking her infant daughter to museums, concerts and restaurants:
And even if she sleeps the entire time, one day she will wake up to find herself in the middle of the life we kept living, even after she was born.


Janet Johnson said...

Love the quote. :)

Thanks for the link!

J said...

I'm not even a mama, but I visited this blog after you shared it and LOVED it! What a wonderful writer and photographer she is. Thanks for giving me something else to get hooked on :)


Eva said...

Ah yes, I like her blog too. I discovered it a few months ago. It's funny, I'm not a mommy, yet practically all of the blogs I follow are mommy blogs. I think it's because they saturate the blogosphere.