Friday, June 17, 2011

pinning things

Do you know about Pinterest? I'm a little bit obsessed.

Ok, a lotta bit obsessed.

In a nutshell, you have virtual bulletin boards where you can "pin" images that you like. The boards can be organized according to whatever kind of category you want (fashion, travel, interiors, books, yellow polka dot bikinis). The images have their original webpage imbedded so you can click on them and return to whatever blog post or website they came from. It's a great way to create a visual scrapbook or cookbook, a DIY manual, fashion lookbook, to-read list and more.

You can "repin" images from other peoples' pinboards that you like, and best of all, you can install a little button on your browser bar so that if you're surfing the web and find an image you like, just click the button and you can add that image to any of your pinboards.

This thing is genius, and super easy to use. I like to just browse the "everything" category on Pinterest to see what people are pinning - it's extremely random and lovely. You can also follow peoples' boards and get inspired by their creativity.

I recently made a board for my 1930s mystery novel. I've seen so many actual "inspiration boards" people make, and I always mean to but...I'm inherently lazy and it just seems like a lot of work and would take up a lot of space I don't have in my house.

Enter Pinterest, and I can post any image I want - no space wasted, no printing out images, no cutting and pasting.

Here's my 1930s board. If you're on Pinterest, you can find all my boards here.

And a snapshot of my "Stuff I Love" pinboard:


The Las Vegas Writer said...

I love this idea, especially if I want to see all of the photos I use for the book up at once. I'm going over there right now to check it out! Thanks for the post.

J said...

I love the concept of Pinterest, but haven't jumped on board myself yet. I'm off to check you out, and maybe...just maybe...get myself signed up. We'll see :)


Anna Claire said...

J - I was reluctant at first, too. And then the obsession set in. Be prepared.