Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sleepaway camp

Ahhh summer. And summer camp. An article from Slate on what your enjoyment (or lack thereof) of sleepaway camp says about your character.

I went to an all-girls sleepaway church camp for a couple of summers in late elementary/early middle school. I didn't like it. I had fun sometimes, semi-enjoyed being there with my friends (when we weren't playing our own version of Mean Girls), never asked my parents to come get me, but overall...I didn't enjoy it.

As an adult, I don't like going on organized vacations with large groups of people, and never enjoyed pre-Rush in college where my entire sorority (200+) spent a loooonngg weekend crammed into someone's parents' lakehouse.

Apparently, what this says about me, according to the article's author (who also disliked sleepaway camp) :
People (like myself) who didn't enjoy camp tend to have a problem engaging in organized activities of all kinds. Later in life we often become criminals or sociopaths. The more respectable among us often become journalists.

Heh. How about you? Did you go to sleepaway camp, and did you like it?

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