Friday, July 15, 2011


Anybody else on Google+? I joined a few days ago, after the Twitter hype intrigued me just a little too much and I found a coworker with a spare invitation. I bowed to the pressure.

It has not, however, changed my life. Or my online life. Or made me give up Facebook.

I like the idea behind it - using "circles" to choose with whom I interact, instead of having everyone equal, as it is on Facebook (i.e. on FB, there's functionally no difference between some girl who was in your Biology 1100 class in college, and your best friend). Here's a general description of Google+ and why some people like it.

I don't know if I like it yet - my online social network took several years to create on FB, and right now I've got an extremely random sampling of people in my Google+ Circles - two guys from my church, a girl from my sorority I haven't seen in six years, a few people from my office, etc.

BUT...Attention All the Single Ladies: according to statistics, Google+ is about 3/4 men right now, so...if you'd like to meet a sexy software engineer or web developer, you need to join, stat.

Anyhow, if you search "why Google+..." on Google, you'll get articles on a myriad of contradicting topics: why it won't hurt FB, why it will kill Twitter, why it won't kill Twitter, why it will fail, why it's better than FB, etc. etc.

One nice thing is that it gives me a chance to start over. I have 700 FB friends (I know, I know) and this is a great way to hit the reset button...except that I know about 20 people on Google+ so I end up adding to my circles people to whom I'm not particularly close, just so I can see how Google+ works. At least I can stick them in the "acquaintance" circle without their ever knowing.

Plus, you can add people to your circle, or they can add you, so there's no weird friend request and/or request-snubbing. If you don't add them to a circle, then unless you post stuff to everyone, they'll never see your posts.

As an early-ish adopter (blogger since 2005! FB since 2004! Twitter since 2008!) but not a particularly web savvy person, I'm still waiting to see whether this is worth my time.

In the mean time, I'd love to connect with more "friends" so we can see how this thing works. Maybe you do, too? If you're on Google+ and would like another "friend," come find me!

...I'm not exactly sure how you're supposed to find me, but maybe you can just, er, Google+ my name :)

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Janet Johnson said...

Interesting to hear your take. I got an invitation from my bro-in-law but haven't yet decided if I want to jump in.