Friday, September 16, 2011

Great (dead) authors on Twitter

The folks at Mashable compiled a list of their favorite literary twitter accounts - not the accounts that just post stuff actually written by specific dead authors, but the ones that tweet in the voice and spirit of these writers. (Because those are more entertaining, of course).

For example,

Even if you're not on Twitter, it'd be worth it to look up some of these and scroll through, just for funsies. I (@acvollers) am definitely going to follow a few of those. Wonder if there are any good Charlotte Bronte accounts?

PS Post your Twitter handle in the comments, and I'm happy to follow you as well ;)

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Jenna said...

I hadn't seen that particular Shakespeare account...totally going to have to follow now. I'm @JenniferBWhite if you want to give me a follow. :)