Friday, November 04, 2011

If a typewriter and an iPad got together...

If I didn't already want an iPad, this would seal the deal:

It's a vintage typewriter that connects to an iPad. A typewriter that connects to an iPad. I don't think my little blog can reliably contain all the awesome that is this typewriter.

I own two vintage typewriters myself: a 1930s Royal that's almost identical to the one pictured except it's green, and a black 1927 Underwood. They're both functional, can be difficult to use. I don't know if you've ever tried typing on a pre-WWII typewriter, but your fingers don't exactly fly over the keybank.

But this. This. A guy in Philadelphia repurposes old typewriters so that you can dock an iPad or plug in a desktop (via a USB port) and type away. And the real kicker - you can also use the typewriter with an ink ribbon to type on real paper, as it was originally intended.

Anthropologie sells them exclusively. In addition to this one, there are mid-20th century models available by Remington, Corona and Underwood, if you prefer a more Mad Men look.

And that brings me to the sad part in all this: they're $798. Yeah. Not going on my Christmas list this year.

But I'm still oddly happy that something like this exists in the world at all. I love old and vintage things - especially writing implements - and yet I love technology, too (hoping for an iPhone 4S soon). It's the perfect marriage of both. And if I ever sell my first novel, I'm so buying one of these.

What do you think - would you use this if you had one? Is it worth $798? You can see all of them here.

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c.a. Marks said...

I own two vintage typewriters too! How funny. I also placed 4th in a state wide typing competition on a manual. :)