About Me

I'm a 28-year-old journalist and aspiring Southern author. I'm wife to a handsomely geeky husband and mom to two adorable sons -- one here on earth and one in heaven. We have two fluffy cats and a sweet home in Alabama.

My husband and I dealt with the death of our son Graham in 2010, the hardest thing we've ever gone through. My family and I came through stronger than ever. I am abundantly blessed.

I blog about my life as an aspiring novelist, and occasionally (OK, often) veer off on subjects including but not limited to decaying buildings, novelist-inspired accessories, things that are old, vanilla lattes, SEC football, cats, England, spies and good grammar.

Welcome to my blog!

...Well, OK. I secretly like talking about myself, but I try not to do it because it's bad manners. But since this is a blog and you can stop reading as soon as you get bored, below are some random facts about me. And I do mean random.

1. My hair is naturally blonde. I am embarassingly proud of this.

2. I am a magazine junkie. Currently I have subscriptions to nine magazines (Lucky, Glamour, Southern Living, Newsweek, Working Mother, Parents, Parenting - the Early Years, People StyleWatch and Women's Running). This is, of course, too few. Many. I mean too many.

3. The only famous person I've ever met is Mikhail Gorbachev. I even have the picture to prove it. The two things I learned from my brief encounter with Gorbachev are a) the birthmark on his head is disconcerting in real life and b) he pretends like he doesn't speak English but he totally does.

4. My favorite color is yellow.

5. Incorrect grammar makes me cringe. If I can't correct some kind of grammar injustice on a sign or menu or some such thing, I will make sure everyone I'm with knows about it. This is a pretentious, tedious habit but I can't stop. JB has been remarkably patient about it; I have a feeling it gets annoying.

7. I have a horror of leeks. I hate them. HATE THEM. One time in college I read this diet book and tried the beginning of the diet, which is an entire weekend of eating steamed leeks and leek broth. I lasted a day and a half, and by that point I was starving, and gagged every time I forced a piece of leek down my throat. I gave up and begged JB (we were dating then) to take me out to dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant and those were the best tacos I've ever eaten. I haven't touched a leek since. They are repulsive.

8. I love all things British. JB and I traveled to the UK in May 2011 and I learned a) that the British are, in fact, awesome, and b) my favorite part of the trip wasn't London, like I expected, but West Yorkshire.